The past year has been tragic for residents of many countries of the world, monsoon, hurricanes, earthquakes, etc. Communication is vital in emergency situations, and that fact has been accentuated by these recent natural disasters. The safety of non-native speakers relies heavily on the language access they have.

Places like the USA or India have the most linguistically diverse cities, where there are almost 150 different languages spoken; for example, Houston has 1.3 million Spanish-speaking residents. Hindu, Tamil, French, and German speakers also call Houston home. There are more than 100 major languages spoken in India, and thousands of lesser-known dialects.

A global translator such as Tragl becomes a necessity in such situations as it grants access to multilingual interpretation 24/7 via phone which supports non-native speakers by ensuring necessary disaster information to those who do not speak the local language.

It also spares the need for Field Linguists or On-site interpreters, since this device provides clarity and a sense of calm for the first responders and the non-native speakers. The use of this device helps the local authorities manage food and shelter information centers while also answering questions from non-native speakers.

Tragl is an Intelligent hands-free language translator that works using an app on your mobile device and a headset with an earpiece and microphone/speaker. It is connected via Bluetooth and with a 4G mobile connection you may access 25 languages from which to translate. Just select both languages on the app, speak into the microphone and the speaker will automatically translate what you want to say. The microphone will then receive your interlocutor’s response and immediately you will hear it on your native language in the earpiece.