A study by the University of Helsinki suggests that rapid learning of new words is crucial for language acquisition, and frequent exposure to spoken words enables vocabulary development.

For many language learners repetition is highly valued, whether it be repeating vocabulary, grammar conjugations, or phrases.  This practice is so fixed, that it is hard to see language learning without this being a core part of it.

Now days that technology has evolved, we no longer need a formal teacher to learn a second language. With the help of a smartphone and a Tragl headset you can easily start your journey to becoming bilingual. Tragl works as a two-way translator, just download the app on your smartphone and connect the headset via Bluetooth.

Select your native language on the app and the language you wish to learn, and just start speaking the words you wish to learn into the microphone, listen to them being translated on the speaker and just like that you can begin your language learning adventure.

Language is, by definition, first a spoken medium. Therefore, it is important that you keep

listening to the foreign language as much as possible. This will form your ear so that you

slowly start understanding what is being said. Just keep using the Tragl as a learning tool

as well as other aids, to help you fully understand a second language.