Emergencies can happen at any time. In fact, given the recent disasters our world has faced (shootings, hurricanes, floods, earthquakes and more) the best choice is to be prepared and safe.

The Tragl device is the perfect tool if you work as a paramedic, police officer or any type of first-responder. This simple accessory to your mobile could save time and lives since the automatic two-way translator is available 24/7 as long as there is a 4G connection and batteries on both devices.

It works by a simple mobile app in which you select a native language and a language you wish to translate to; a headset equipped with an earpiece and a microphone/speaker which translates as you speak with a 1-2 second delay and receives the response, which is also translated into the ear-set so you understand without any waste of time or resources.

 The advantages of having such an aid are remarkable since patients and victims can be triaged faster; there would be no need for hired or volunteer translators to be available at all times, the recorded data would be accurate and important patient information could be given by the victims and not lost in translation.

In cases of emergencies or natural disasters many lives may be saved if there is no language barrier.