Alex, how did you get the idea of creating TRAGL?

The idea came when I saw the difficulties of integrating with another culture. Anyone who leaves their country to another one has problems in understanding the natives. So, I thought of a portable translator that could resolve this lack of understanding and help to learn other languages with ease.

What problem do you think it has resolved?

With the translator, TRAGL, the time needed to integrate into any country is reduced to the minimum. Global travel has changed because you can speak with everyone in your own language.

Students have the ability to learn in the University of their dreams. Police, doctors, firefighters, and military personnel will have in their hands an essential tool that will allow them to engage in communication with foreigners in an easy and fast way.

What does TRAGL have that the other translators don’t have?

At the moment, in the market, TRAGL is the best hands-free device that translates into different languages. To communicate with people you only need a single device. For a start, you’ll need to put on TRAGL and select a language, it’s as easy as ABC. TRAGL can take down language barriers completely!

In what situation can we use TRAGL?

In whatever situation where there is lack of understanding of a language. It could be on a journey to other countries, emigration, in a conference or an international meeting, while working with foreigners, it can also be used to study different languages, and so on…

What can TRAGL improve in human relationships?

With TRAGL you can forget this sentence: “I don’t speak your language”. With TRAGL you can!

What do you expect from the crowdfunding campaign?

With our crowdfunding campaign, I am expecting thousands of people to be inspired by my idea, to support the movement and enable us to go ahead with my project.

At what phase of the creation are we now?

Now we have finished the second prototype and we are launching our crowdfunding campaign to start the manufacturing of the device. Together with your support, we can improve the world!