According to Ethnologue the language used by most people in the world is Mandarin, spoken by 1.2 billion native speakers in 37 countries, followed by Spanish spoken by 437 million in 31 countries, and English spoken by 372 million in 106 countries. In the globalized world we live in, traveling from one edge to the world to another comes easy, nonetheless communications are still a barrier that needs to be tackled when we want to explore our planet.

This is where technology has seen a problem and offers a solution so you can move confidently, easily and as much as you like without getting lost in translation.

Tragl is the first Bluetooth device for automatic two-way translation; you just need to select your native language and the language you want to translate on your smartphone’s mobile app, speak into the microphone and the built-in speaker will reproduce the translation. The same microphone will receive the response and you will hear the translation to your selected language onto the headset.

With this simple accessory for your smartphone and a 4G connection, you can make new friends, learn about different cultures, stay curious and focused on having fun throughout your trip. You will be able to communicate in places you only dreamed about, understand your partners and who knows that else! Bring down barriers, experience the world in a new way, communicate with locals in their native language, cease the day and take the world by storm.