According to a new report from Forbes Insights, “Best in Class: How Enterprises Succeed with Language Learning Programs”; Gaps in communication or miscommunication with a customer can easily end a relationship. And a failed conversation with a supplier or key partner could have serious financial or strategic implications in a company.

If you run a company that does business with Mexico, Brazil or even Russia, you don’t want that to happen. When you’re competing on a global scale, communication can be the key to your company’s success.

Global business is a reality and it is expanding. The economic benefits of a global economy do not come without their challenges and businesses must deal with communicating into numerous target languages.

In the era of the multi-national workforce, where productivity can be driven from anywhere in the world, companies become increasingly global, with a larger number of employees from multiple geographies. In this new paradigm, it is critical to ensure that communications and collaboration, are effective across every aspect of an organisation.

A two-way translation device such as Tragl can be a Godsend in this scenario; it works as a Bluetooth earpiece accessory to your smartphone where you select a language you wish to translate and your native language on its app, then proceed to speak into the microphone and the built-in speaker will play the translation to your counterpart. As the other person replies, the microphone receives the response and in 1-2 seconds you will hear the translated response directly to your ear.

Efficient internal and external communication is crucial to all companies. It is important that the message you want to get across is presented correctly, even more when you are communicating with people from a different language and culture.Are you feeling lucky today? Click here to enter our pre-launch raffle to win a Tragl device!