Globalization is going faster every day and the cooperation between companies across the world has become more popular. One of the most important factors to make a success for that process is communication. That is the reason why Griffith (2002) states that “Effective communication between international business partners is critical for global success”.

Imagine having your company’s mission and vision read worldwide, or doing business with prestigious foreign clients. Your small business may not be there just yet, but in this increasingly global economy we’re living in, those dreams are closer to becoming a reality for many companies.

For business travelers who have yet to master a foreign language, a smartphone and a Bluetooth accessory may be the best tool to break the language barrier and avoid getting lost in translation.

Tragl is a global two- way translator that works by simply using an app on your smartphone in which you choose your native tongue and the language you wish to speak from a list of 20 languages. After doing so, you just say what’s on your mind onto the headphone/microphone device and hear yourself speak in a language you never thought possible. Once your interlocutor hears you, he or she can respond naturally, so the microphone picks up the signal, clearly translate it into your ear-piece and fluently understand each other.

Do you want to communicate in Mandarin like Mark Zuckerberg on your next business trip, but you don’t have his fluency? Here is the best mobile app and accessory to break that language barrier.