Meeting Alex, TRAGL's Live Translator creator

Alex, how did you get the idea of creating TRAGL?

The idea came when I saw the difficulties of integrating with another culture. Anyone who leaves their country to another one has problems in understanding the natives. So, I thought of a portable translator that could resolve this lack of understanding and help to learn other languages with ease.

What problem do you think it has resolved?

With the translator, TRAGL, the time needed to integrate into any country is reduced to the minimum. Global travel has changed because you can speak with everyone in your own language.

Students have the ability to learn in the University of their dreams. Police, doctors, firefighters, and military personnel will have in their hands an essential tool that will allow them to engage in communication with foreigners in an easy and fast way.

What does TRAGL have that the other translators don’t have?

At the moment, in the market, TRAGL is the best hands-free device that translates into different languages. To communicate with people you only need a single device. For a start, you’ll need to put on TRAGL and select a language, it’s as easy as ABC. TRAGL can take down language barriers completely!

In what situation can we use TRAGL?

In whatever situation where there is lack of understanding of a language. It could be on a journey to other countries, emigration, in a conference or an international meeting, while working with foreigners, it can also be used to study different languages, and so on…

What can TRAGL improve in human relationships?

With TRAGL you can forget this sentence: “I don’t speak your language”. With TRAGL you can!

What do you expect from the crowdfunding campaign?

With our crowdfunding campaign, I am expecting thousands of people to be inspired by my idea, to support the movement and enable us to go ahead with my project.

At what phase of the creation are we now?

Now we have finished the second prototype and we are launching our crowdfunding campaign to start the manufacturing of the device. Together with your support, we can improve the world!

globalised world

Language barriers in a globalised world

According to Ethnologue the language used by most people in the world is Mandarin, spoken by 1.2 billion native speakers in 37 countries, followed by Spanish spoken by 437 million in 31 countries, and English spoken by 372 million in 106 countries. In the globalized world we live in, traveling from one edge to the world to another comes easy, nonetheless communications are still a barrier that needs to be tackled when we want to explore our planet.

This is where technology has seen a problem and offers a solution so you can move confidently, easily and as much as you like without getting lost in translation.

Tragl is the first Bluetooth device for automatic two-way translation; you just need to select your native language and the language you want to translate on your smartphone’s mobile app, speak into the microphone and the built-in speaker will reproduce the translation. The same microphone will receive the response and you will hear the translation to your selected language onto the headset.

With this simple accessory for your smartphone and a 4G connection, you can make new friends, learn about different cultures, stay curious and focused on having fun throughout your trip. You will be able to communicate in places you only dreamed about, understand your partners and who knows that else! Bring down barriers, experience the world in a new way, communicate with locals in their native language, cease the day and take the world by storm.


Do you love adventures but foreign languages are not your thing?

Mastercard released its 2017 Global Destination Cities Index, measured by the number of international overnight visitors. The study predicted that Bangkok, Thailand would be the top destination this year with 20.2 million international visitors, followed by London, UK with 20 million and Paris, France and Dubai, UAE with over 16 million.

Do you own a smartphone and love to travel? Do you love adventures but foreign languages are not your thing?

Tragl, the first hands-free mobile accessory for automatic two-way translation, is the perfect tool so you can confidently take that trip you always wanted to take. Just use your smartphone with a 4G connection, Tragl and its mobile App, and let your adventure begin without having to worry about communications on a foreign language.

It works by selecting your native language and the language you want to translate on your mobile app, say what you want to say into the microphone and the built-in speaker will reproduce the translation. The same microphone will receive the response from the interlocutor and you will hear the translation to your language onto the earphone; and the best part is that it doesn’t matter if the other person doesn’t have a Tragl device. 

This is how the language barrier comes down practically in real time, as simple as that.

Even if you don’t have the time or the mans to learn a new language for your trip, you can explore a world without barriers, squeeze the juice out of your holiday and take the best experience home.


Tourism growing and language barriers are still a problem

According to the World Tourism Barometer, in 2016, there were 1.235 billion international tourist arrivals worldwide, with a growth of 4% as compared to 1.186 billion in 2015. France being the top destination, followed by the United States of America and Spain.

There was a time when you planned a trip to a faraway land and were excited because you did not speak the language. You had to carry around a big book with the common phrases of that language and waste precious time trying to get the locals to understand you; and even worst, when they replied you had no idea what they said and had to spend more of that time trying to figure out the response.

Thankfully time has passed and technology has evolved to the point when you no longer need much more than a smartphone and a 4G connection to stay communicated anywhere in the world.  

Tragl is the first hands-free device for automatic two-way translation; just select your native language and the language you want to translate on your mobile app, speak to the microphone and the built-in speaker will reproduce the translation. The same microphone will receive the response and you will hear the translation to your native language onto the ear piece. Just like that, the communications barrier is down. 

Take the time to enjoy your holidays and don’t worry about getting lost in translation, get lost in your journey and enjoy the ride.


Rapid learning of new words is crucial for language acquisition

A study by the University of Helsinki suggests that rapid learning of new words is crucial for language acquisition, and frequent exposure to spoken words enables vocabulary development.

For many language learners repetition is highly valued, whether it be repeating vocabulary, grammar conjugations, or phrases.  This practice is so fixed, that it is hard to see language learning without this being a core part of it.

Now days that technology has evolved, we no longer need a formal teacher to learn a second language. With the help of a smartphone and a Tragl headset you can easily start your journey to becoming bilingual. Tragl works as a two-way translator, just download the app on your smartphone and connect the headset via Bluetooth.

Select your native language on the app and the language you wish to learn, and just start speaking the words you wish to learn into the microphone, listen to them being translated on the speaker and just like that you can begin your language learning adventure.

Language is, by definition, first a spoken medium. Therefore, it is important that you keep

listening to the foreign language as much as possible. This will form your ear so that you

slowly start understanding what is being said. Just keep using the Tragl as a learning tool

as well as other aids, to help you fully understand a second language.

translator device

Learn a new language with a two-way translator device

Making the decision to learn a new language is not always easy, sometimes you are forced to learn it, because you moved to a new country for work or your company went global and now you must do business with people on the other side of the world. Challenges come every day in this globalized world and language learning is one of them. Repetitio mater studiorum est. Repetition is the mother of all learning. Often old(er) people will say, “I’m too old to learn a new language” But they are wrong; you can learn a new language at any age.

New research conducted at Cambridge University has demonstrated that all you need to do is see a word 160 times in 14 minutes to truly know it. What’s more, is that the scientists compared the memory traces of familiar words to the memory traces of the new word, and they were nearly identical! Learning is simple when you repeat.

Tragl is an excellent tool for learning by repetition, it is a two-way translator that works as a Bluetooth accessory with any smartphone and an app where you select your native language and the one you wish to learn. Just speak into its noise canceling microphone and hear the translation by its built-in speaker, automatically.

 So, don’t tell yourself that you can’t learn a new language, and don’t blame it on your old brain. You can, and science keeps finding evidence saying that your brain can too. Just remember that repetition is crucial for learning new languages (as well as anything else).


The perfect tool if you work as a paramedic, police officer or any type of first-responder

Emergencies can happen at any time. In fact, given the recent disasters our world has faced (shootings, hurricanes, floods, earthquakes and more) the best choice is to be prepared and safe.

The Tragl device is the perfect tool if you work as a paramedic, police officer or any type of first-responder. This simple accessory to your mobile could save time and lives since the automatic two-way translator is available 24/7 as long as there is a 4G connection and batteries on both devices.

It works by a simple mobile app in which you select a native language and a language you wish to translate to; a headset equipped with an earpiece and a microphone/speaker which translates as you speak with a 1-2 second delay and receives the response, which is also translated into the ear-set so you understand without any waste of time or resources.

 The advantages of having such an aid are remarkable since patients and victims can be triaged faster; there would be no need for hired or volunteer translators to be available at all times, the recorded data would be accurate and important patient information could be given by the victims and not lost in translation.

In cases of emergencies or natural disasters many lives may be saved if there is no language barrier.

Emergencies while traveling abroad

According to in 2002, there were 328 natural disaster events. In 2015, Asia experienced the highest number of natural disasters, most likely due to its size and susceptibility.

When traveling abroad the last thing on your mind is an overseas emergency. However, unfortunately, this is something most travelers should think about. Emergencies while traveling abroad can come in all shapes and sizes, from a natural disaster to political unrest, from an accident or pandemic to becoming the victim of a crime.

A global translator such as Tragl comes in handy in such situations; being an accessory to your mobile device with 4G connection, just select your native language on the app as well as the language you want to translate, speak into the microphone and your interlocutor will hear the translation of whatever you need to say in event of an emergency.

This way you may communicate without worries in stressful times when you need help or contact law-enforcement in the local tongue.

In any situation, it is better to be prepared than suffer the consequences!

A smart resource in emergency situations

The past year has been tragic for residents of many countries of the world, monsoon, hurricanes, earthquakes, etc. Communication is vital in emergency situations, and that fact has been accentuated by these recent natural disasters. The safety of non-native speakers relies heavily on the language access they have.

Places like the USA or India have the most linguistically diverse cities, where there are almost 150 different languages spoken; for example, Houston has 1.3 million Spanish-speaking residents. Hindu, Tamil, French, and German speakers also call Houston home. There are more than 100 major languages spoken in India, and thousands of lesser-known dialects.

A global translator such as Tragl becomes a necessity in such situations as it grants access to multilingual interpretation 24/7 via phone which supports non-native speakers by ensuring necessary disaster information to those who do not speak the local language.

It also spares the need for Field Linguists or On-site interpreters, since this device provides clarity and a sense of calm for the first responders and the non-native speakers. The use of this device helps the local authorities manage food and shelter information centers while also answering questions from non-native speakers.

Tragl is an Intelligent hands-free language translator that works using an app on your mobile device and a headset with an earpiece and microphone/speaker. It is connected via Bluetooth and with a 4G mobile connection you may access 25 languages from which to translate. Just select both languages on the app, speak into the microphone and the speaker will automatically translate what you want to say. The microphone will then receive your interlocutor’s response and immediately you will hear it on your native language in the earpiece.


For business travelers who have yet to master a foreign language

Globalization is going faster every day and the cooperation between companies across the world has become more popular. One of the most important factors to make a success for that process is communication. That is the reason why Griffith (2002) states that "Effective communication between international business partners is critical for global success".

Imagine having your company's mission and vision read worldwide, or doing business with prestigious foreign clients. Your small business may not be there just yet, but in this increasingly global economy we’re living in, those dreams are closer to becoming a reality for many companies.

For business travelers who have yet to master a foreign language, a smartphone and a Bluetooth accessory may be the best tool to break the language barrier and avoid getting lost in translation.

Tragl is a global two- way translator that works by simply using an app on your smartphone in which you choose your native tongue and the language you wish to speak from a list of 20 languages. After doing so, you just say what’s on your mind onto the headphone/microphone device and hear yourself speak in a language you never thought possible. Once your interlocutor hears you, he or she can respond naturally, so the microphone picks up the signal, clearly translate it into your ear-piece and fluently understand each other.

Do you want to communicate in Mandarin like Mark Zuckerberg on your next business trip, but you don't have his fluency? Here is the best mobile app and accessory to break that language barrier.